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Professional plumbing is as essential to your Concordia property as oxygen is to the body. Without water coming in and out of your Concordia property as required, your household cannot function. With over thirty years of plumbing experience, you can count on Aligned Plumbing.

Most of our plumbing services are related to water. However, we offer much more than that. Our Concordia plumbing services include gas fitting and hot water system installations. All these plumbing services are done quickly, effectively and with minimal disruption to your Concordia home.

Our broad range of Concordia plumbing services include:

General Plumbing

Unlike many DIY projects, plumbing issues should be handled by professionals only. Otherwise, you can cause more damage than good.

 Trying to unclog your toilet or fix a leaking pipe yourself might seem like an easy task. However, without the proper knowledge and equipment, you can make matters worse.

At Aligned Plumbing, we are your local Concordia plumbing experts. We are fully licensed and insured. So whether your Concordia property requires plumbing maintenance or general plumbing repairs, you can count on us.

We offer an extensive range of general plumbing services to cover all needs. Our Concordia general plumbing services include tap maintenance and replacement and septic to sewer installations. To ensure effectiveness, we invest in the best plumbing equipment.

Hot Water System Installation

Does your current water heating system fail frequently? Is it driving your Concordia electricity bills to the roof? Then, it is time to consider getting a new hot water system.

It must be appropriately installed to guarantee the efficiency of your new system. Otherwise, your Concordia water heating system can leak or even cause a fire.

For all Concordia water heating system requirements, you can count on us. At Aligned Plumbing, we can supply and install a new hot water system without any hassle to your family or your Concordia home.

Our years of experience enable us to recommend the most suitable water heating system for your Concordia household needs. To help you decide, our plumbing experts will discuss your requirements with you. Then, they will provide you with a range of water heating options to choose from.

Our hot water system range includes electric storage, gas storage or gas instantaneous. We also offer solar heat pump systems, which are very energy efficient.

Drain Cleaning

Slow drainage, smelly odours or water gathering are all signs of clogged drains. These can cause severe water damages to your Concordia property. That is why drain issues should be addressed immediately by professionals.

No matter how severe your Concordia home drainage issues are, we can assist. We have all the modern equipment for professional drain cleanings, such as Hydro jets (for high-pressure water cleaning), colour cameras and electric drain cleaners.

Our Concordia plumbing team can also provide a complete drain inspection service. It will ensure all your Concordia property drains are in good shape.

Choose the best local Concordia plumbing service. Contact us now!

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