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Aligned plumbing in Gawler are your local hot water system experts and we have installed hundreds of hot water systems in the local area over the years.

Have you ever tried to take a shower in winter and all you get is cold water?

At Aligned Plumbing we first discuss your household requirements and we will then give you a range of options from

  • electric storage, gas storage or gas instantaneous hot water systems which are becoming increasingly popular either natural gas or LPG (bottle gas)
  • Solar heat pump systems which work in reverse to a fridge (very energy efficient)

Many local properties may also not be connected to gas and we have experience in recommending the right electrical hot water system for your home. Or you may have an LPG Gas system that limits your consumption.

We often take our hot water systems for granted and only ever really pay attention when there is a problem – at Aligned plumbing we can supply and install a new hot water system fast to ensure minimum disruption to your home.

Choosing the right Hot Water system

Choosing the right hot water system can be tricky however choosing the wrong hot water system can be costly due to high ongoing energy bills – with our experience we take the headache out of it giving you the best possible options based on your potential usage needs.

We can answer all your questions to ensure you get the right system that will give years of maintenance free hot water to come.

Costs can vary when choosing a hot water system and we can advise you not only on the upfront costs for supply and installation, but also what ongoing costs will be associated with running the unit.

Having the right hot water system can save you significant money over the longer term and Aligned Plumbing have been installing quality hot water systems for decades so we know a thing or two about the right system for your home.

Call Aligned Plumbing today and let us help you find and install the best Hot Water system available.

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