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When last did you have the plumbing systems in your home checked? There’s a high possibility that your drainage system or septic tank is on the verge of having issues, and a simple check would prevent it. Contrary to what you might think, some important systems don’t even develop issues before they crash; you just notice they’ve stopped working.

Frequent maintenance and checks would save you the headache of having last-minute repairs done. Think of it like this, you save more money doing maintenance and check-ups than you would when you have repairs done.

Maintenance from Aligned plumbing is all you need to prevent clogged sinks, toilets, leaky faucets, and whatever else you’d want us to check. We’ve been helping out Kingsford residents on all plumbing related issues for years, and we can also help you with some of these services:

Toilet repairs

The toilets in a home are used multiple times a day, every day. Since they are used multiple times a day and linked to so many pipes, they develop a whole lot of issues. Some of the issues that you’ve probably experienced and may experience in your toilets are:

  • Clogs: A clogged toilet is a sign that you’re flushing things you shouldn’t be. Apart from your waste, the only thing that should be entering your toilet is soft tissue paper and things that easily dissolve in water. Don’t flush foreign objects down because a plunger won’t help you. You’ll have to call in a professional plumber.
  • Leaks: If you frequently see puddles under your toilet tank, it’s a sign that something has come loose or broken. These leaks can spoil your toilet’s flooring, so you need to fix it ASAP.
  • Problems with flushing: Problems with flushing is a sign that something has come loose in your toilet tank.

All these issues and more could pop up with your toilet. For quick and lasting fixes, come to Aligned plumbing.

Drain cleaning

The drain has been linked to a wide range of plumbing issues in the home. A clogged drain can lead to clogged toilets, sinks and bathrooms, several things that will cost you a lot of money to repair individually. And these issues don’t stop your drain from getting more issues; your gutter system is getting worse while your home is being negatively impacted by the clogged systems.

Avoid all these blockages by having your drain intensively cleaned. At aligned plumbing, we have specialised cleaning tools that will leave your drain squeaky clean. Once we’re done with your home, you can say goodbye to plunging toilets.

Hot water installations

Is your hot water system taking longer than usual to work? Your hot water doesn’t last you long enough? Having problems operating your heating system?

Your heating system should operate without any issues; once you decide you want hot water, you should get it. Aligned plumbing will take a look at your heating system to figure out what’s wrong. If it’s something that can be repaired, we’ll repair it, and if it calls for replacement, we shall do that.

Our plumbers are the most qualified and professional you can find in the Kingsford environs. Interested in any of our services? Contact us!

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