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Are you currently managing a leaky roof? Tired of not having hot water whenever you want? Then call Aligned plumbing. Once you decide you no longer want to deal with any plumbing issue, we’ll be right there to fix it for you.

Our expertise and experience when it comes to fixing plumbing issues are second to none- I mean, we’ve been in the business for more than 30 years!

Our high-quality workmanship is available to everyone in Wardbelt environs. Here are some of our plumbing services that you’ll enjoy:

General Plumbing Services

We can’t really give the full scope of the plumbing services we offer without talking about the general plumbing services we offer to every Wardbelt resident. From maintenance to total replacement and fixes, our plumbing services cover all, including:

Repair of Leaks

We fix general leakage issues. If anywhere in your house is leaking, call us, you don’t want mould to start growing in that spot or worse, anyone slipping and falling.

Toilet Repairs

We fix bad toilet systems with flushing or leaking issues. For toilets with extreme issues, we can install a whole new toilet.

Gas Leakage Issues

Gas leaks are issues that shouldn’t be left unattended. A leaky gas can lead to fires and is not a risk you should take. Call us so we can fix your gas piping and everything involved.

Identification of Potential Problems

At times, it’s just better to be on the safe side, and you may want to know the condition of your plumbing systems. We’ll check your entire plumbing system to identify any issue.

Hot Water installation and repairs

Hot water is a must-have in every Australian household. When the cold weather comes, nothing hits the spot as much as hot water. Trust us when we say it’s better to have and not need hot water than need it and not have it.

You won’t have any bad experience when we install your hot water system for you because of our level of experience in this task. And if all you’re dealing with is a faulty hot water system, call us so it can be a thing of the past.

If you have very specific needs when it comes to your hot water systems, we provide a diverse range of hot water systems, not limited to gas-powered ones.

Drain cleans

A clogged drain is the last thing you want to deal with in your household. The task of a drain is to ensure waste passes the proper channels, so it’s only proper that it gets clogged with different particles. One part of the home that tends to get clogged quickly is the kitchen area. There’s no reason you have to put up with a clogged kitchen sink when we can take care of it for you.

Septic tanks repair and installation

The septic tank is responsible for ensuring that all the waste that you produce in your home goes to the right place and doesn’t stink up the home. If you notice the septic tank in your home is functioning poorly, contact us so we can check out.

Is your home experiencing any of the problems mentioned above? Solve those problems by calling us to fix them. We’re only a click away!

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